PatentedOur mission is creating flawless lashes and our passion is to perfect the process for eyelash extensions worldwide!

What sets LiquiFan Lashes revolutionary system apart?

  • A system invented by an eye lash extension artist who was frustrated with the painstaking process of other eyelash extension systems.
  • It’s fast. LiquiFan Lashes is a significantly faster application process than other systems.
  • It’s better technology. The LiquiFan Lashes application process creates superior results and happier clients.
  • Our patented process makes others seem obsolete
  • An instant cure bond that is revolutionizing the industry
  • Complete collections create streamline ordering and increased revenue
  • Our clients report a more comfortable application with no limitations to their busy lives
  • An evolving line that is focused on improving the process and products while increasing your profit
Lush Collection