How It Works

How it Works smOther companies may be able to offer fast drying adhesives, but they still take 24 to 48 hours to fully cure (because of the cure time, your clients must wait 24 to 48 hours to get their lashes wet) and require the use of a fan. Then if you let go of isolation, the wet lash falls into the way of the other lashes and clumping and adhesive messes can occur. This situation makes the process frustrating for new students to learn. Not only are they trying to learn a new skill set that involves training your non-dominant hand to do very detailed work.  But now they also have the added frustration of trying to clean up an adhesive mess.  These results can be very clumped and painful eyelash extensions.

To try and minimize this, other companies will teach you to use less adhesive, for quicker drying, but then the extensions fall off easily. Many artists would just give up, put their expensive kit away, and give up doing lashes. Also many clients would decide to stop getting lash extensions due to the limitations, discomfort and clumpy end result.

Our patented process involves instantly drying and curing each eyelash extension as they are applied. This unique application makes eyelash extensions easier to learn and longer lasting for clients.