Liquifan Difference


LiquiFan differenceWhat sets our training apart?

LiquiFan Lashes prides itself on having the most elite training specialists in the industry. We feel the most comprehensive training is an in depth theory study with great emphasis in the hands on portion of the training within the comfort of your Salon/Spa or School. LiquiFan Lashes trains on the traditional eyelash extension technique and the advanced method of the LiquiFan System. Our hands-on portion of the class helps to provide your Artists and students with the technical skills needed to succeed faster. Your Artist and students will learn design options from basic to advanced. With the second day training option we will cover additional help to increase speed and application refinement. Also included in day more design options with volume lashing, ribbon lashing, mink and crescent lashing.

LiquiFan offers an industry-leading, comprehensive training program with an outstanding success rate. Artists/Students that had all but given up on other messy, inexact, and unreliable lash extension systems are ecstatic about learning the LiquiFan application process. Here’s why:

• The LiquiFan process makes learning easier. The instant, no-mess nature of the LiquiFan process greatly decreases the frustration associated with messier applications.
• It’s fast. LiquiFan is a significantly faster application process than other systems.
• It’s better technology. The LiquiFan application process creates superior results and happier clients.
• It’s proven. LiquiFan is a working system that helps build an eyelash extension business quickly and safely.

Our Patent pending system removes the use of fans and lengthy drying time allowing your Artist or student to have ample hands on training.  After one of our training options the Artist/student will have a firm grasp on the application process. Then all they need to do is practice. We have made the certification process as stream lined as possible while keeping our high standards of producing top caliber application artist.


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