Our Founder



I was constantly frustrated by the application process. My customers complained about all the limitations they had for 24-48 hours after application. I had many potential clients say they were not trying extensions because of the application inconvenience to their busy schedules. For my students who were already challenged by learning to do such detailed work with their non-dominant hand, the thought of cleaning up an adhesive mess was pure frustration and caused some to give up.

A further frustration was the reordering of all the products needed from different vendors. This was a time consuming hassle. I knew there had to be a better way.

I am so excited to share the solution to mine and my client’s complaints. When I created LiquiFan Lashes I set out to create a system that dried instantly to take the frustration out of the application process. This allowed my customers to be able to get their lashes wet immediately and reapply their makeup seconds after their eye lash application. My clients were able to step quickly back into their busy lives. The results were more dramatic and lasted longer. My students’ learning curve was cut drastically! The ease in the application process cuts down dramatically on their frustrations as well. What I noticed for myself was the positive impact on my business. I could now do a more lush application, which means my client’s lashes will last longer and I can add more clients to my schedule without increasing the hours I work. More clients = More Revenue! I am passionate about creating flawless lashes and perfecting the process for eyelash extensions worldwide. Thank you for your interest in LiquiFan Lashes. I know once you try our system you will wonder how you ever did it before.


Nova Beschta
(Lash Extension artist and President, LiquiFan Lashes)


“To watch a new client look in the mirror for the first time after I apply their lash extensions is my greatest satisfaction.”