School Partnerships Program

LiquiFan Lashes Education Partnership Program:

LiquiFan Lashes offers an industry-leading, comprehensive Partnership training program with an outstanding success rate.

What sets LiquiFan Lashes Education Partnership Program apart?


•             LiquiFan Lashes prides itself on having the most elite training specialists in the industry. We feel the most comprehensive training is an in depth theory study with great emphasis in the hands on portion of the training within the comfort of your School.

•             The LiquiFan Lashes process makes learning easier. The instant, no-mess nature of the LiquiFan Lashes process greatly decreases the frustration associated with messier applications.

•             It’s proven. LiquiFan Lashes is a working system that helps build an eyelash extension business quickly and safely.

•             So affordable you will recoup all of your investment in your first class.

Please contact us directly to learn more about our Salon or school training programs.