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Liquifan Lashes Training

Salon & Spa- Emily (147)We have created maximum ease of training. LiquiFan is a system so revolutionary that new artists will love the ease of our training process, and currently-established artists will appreciate the ease of application and quickly apply the new skillset to their current level of expertise.

We have helped many artists who had quit the industry from frustration over crude application technology. After switching to our system they are rediscovering their passion for the industry and growing their businesses again.

Our one day training is a huge indication of the ease of our application process. Don’t confuse longer training time with more information. Consider longer training time equals a harder more arduous learning curve and a more time consuming application process.  Most lash Certification trainings are 2 days with further requirements of advanced training needed as well. Our Patent pending system removes the use of fans and lengthy drying time allowing your artists to have ample hands on training.  After our one day training your artists will have a firm grasp on the application process. Then all they need to do is practice. We have made the certification process as stream lined as possible while keeping our high standards and producing top caliber application artist.

LiquiFan Lashes prides itself on having:

• the most elite training specialists in the industry
• the most comprehensive training, including in-depth theory study combined with a great emphasis on the hands-on portion of the curriculum

LiquiFan training is provided right in the comfort of your salon/Spa. Your artists will learn design options from basic to advance. We also have specialists on- call to answer any technical or application questions by phone after the training.


Training/Certification Cost

LiquiFan excels at training and our results prove it. LiquiFan Lashes trains on the traditional eyelash extension technique and the advanced method of the LiquiFan System. Our emphasis in the hands-on portion of the class helps to provide your artists with the technical skills needed to succeed.

Our one day training in your Salon/Spa for up to 4 artists is a flat fee of $800.00. Each additional artist is $50.00 (8 artist limit per trainer specialist). For training of more than 8 artists, there is a fee for an additional training specialist and their travel costs.

In-Salon/Spa training requires adequate space for each student to set up properly. Set-up includes: massage table (or equivalent), side table and proper lighting. One model per student is required for the second half of class.

• Support staff may sit-in on theory portion of class to help market eyelash extension for your salon/spa.
• An alternate training facility can be arranged in your area if your salon does not have a station for each student. There will be an additional facility charge if needed.
• Additional artist training is available upon request. Travel and training specialist fees will apply.

State Regulations

State licensing requirement for the application of lash extensions vary from state to state. It is up to you to research the requirement for your state. Our staff is happy to support you in this if you are unable to find the answers in your state.


Contact us:

Register as a professional on this site or call us today at 1-888-749-4442 to have a one on one personal conversation with a specialized team member who will answer all your questions to determine if LiquiFan Lashes is the perfect fit for your Salon/Spa.