What Sets Us Apart

What sets us apartOUR GOAL IS TO HELP YOU WIN:  How our system benefits your clients, lash artists and business. Our innovative system, advanced training process, and “no guess“ collections provide you with more knowledge, more time, less hassle, and more profit.

Welcome LiquiFan Lashes, a complete and market-proven eyelash extension system. Our patented process involves instantly drying and curing each eyelash extension as they are applied. This unique application makes eyelash extensions easier to learn and longer lasting for clients. The amazing benefits of this process are immediate in all areas of your business:

For your Clients:  Your clients want dramatic, beautiful lashes that are long-lasting, easily applied, and maintained by artists they know and trust.
Clients fall in love with the LiquiFan experience because it gives them the look they desire with maximum convenience and flexibility. Clients can apply make-up and get their lashes wet immediately after treatment with no problem at all! Our unique application process provides your clients stunning benefits:

• Dramatically fuller lashes
• Greater choices in styles and options for a customized result
• No waiting time or restrictions after application
• Longer lasting results
• Overall, a more satisfying and enjoyable application experience

For the Artist: LiquiFan offers an industry-leading, comprehensive training program with an outstanding success rate. Students that had all but given up on other messy, inexact, and unreliable lash extension systems are ecstatic about learning the LiquiFan application process. Here’s why:

• The LiquiFan process makes learning easier. The instant, no-mess nature of the LiquiFan process greatly decreases the frustration associated with messier applications.
• It’s fast. LiquiFan is a significantly faster application process than other systems.
• It’s better technology. The LiquiFan application process creates superior results and happier clients.
• It’s proven. LiquiFan is a working system that helps build an eyelash extension business quickly and safely

For the business: You want to begin or improve an eyelash extension business quickly, safely, and profitably. The major technological advantage of the LiquiFan process is a stronger bond that cures instantly. This means no set time during or after application. It also alleviates the clean-up of adhesive messes or clumped eye lashes. That adds up to increased profit in four easy steps:

• More lashes are applied at a faster pace
• Client’s lash treatments last longer and their fill visits are less frequent
• You book more clients without increasing your hours
• It simplifies your ordering process and internal accounting

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