Happy Lashing Candle and Room Spray

The perfect way to start a new month? Investing in you and your lashing space. We had a candle and room spray designed to enhance our lashing spaces and experiences for our clients. Not every lashing moment will be the best moment, but hopefully, with our candle and room spray, we can at least enhance and make each moment more special. 

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What sets LiquiFan® Lashes apart from other Lash Companies:

We are the only lash company with a Patented Lash CURING System in the USA and Canada that INSTANTLY cures lashes. We filed our patents in 2008 and were awarded them in 2015 in the USA and Canada. We worked with chemists to create our patented system. We utilize innovative minds and superior, cutting-edge technology. You can now lash easier, faster, mess-free, and with a superior bond, all thanks to our patented system.

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Premium Lash Products for you and your clients

Become a Lash Artist

We have worked hard to ensure our education courses provide everything needed to take your lashing to the next level and become a successful Lash Artist right after training. Train with the best lashing products in the industry (Our Patented Lash Instant Curing System), learn and connect with Lash Artists who have experience in lashing, product development, business acumen, customer service, lash theory, and successful approaches to troubleshooting in the moment. 

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