LiquiFan Lashes® Training Options

We believe that the art of eyelash extensions is mastered with time, patience, and first-class training. Lash artists can take their skill to the next level by choosing LiquiFan, the beautiful revolution in eyelash extension systems. Our patented system allows the artist to apply more lashes per session flawlessly. LiquiFan is a system so revolutionary that new artists will love the ease of our training process.


LiquiFan excels at training and our results prove it. Each elite training includes the most comprehensive in-depth theory study with our main emphasis on the hands-on portion of the training. Theory study includes product overviews, safety and sanitation, marketing techniques, and design options from the most basic to advanced. We also have specialists on call to answer any technical or application questions by phone after your training.





Training Classes

Just like our unique system, our classes are customized to help you learn, whatever your situation. Our classes range from the earliest beginner to the most advanced. Check out the options below to choose what’s best for you:



This two-day course is your into our advanced, patented system. Unlike other systems, this in-depth course will give you the tools you need to master the art of LiquiFan® Lashes. Day one consists of theory and demonstration. Activities include a presentation, hands-on work, and finishing off the day with a live model. Day two begins with theory refreshers, a debriefing Q&A, pricing discussion, station set-up, and concludes with a second live model practicing what was learned on day one plus an into into advanced techniques. Lash artists will leave more confident and ready to take on the world of lash extensions. 
$1000 (plus kit)



Just like the extensions themselves, this training is 100% customizable. This one-day course will answer any questions your pre-trained lash artist may have and also will groom them into more advanced techniques such as Y-lashing and volume lashing. The day begins with a brief presentation, followed by demos on mannequins. The day finishes up with a live model.
$1000 (kit purchase not required as artist is already Liquifan certified)



Already trained on lashes but want to convert to Liquifan? Already take our course but still want some grooming? This one-day course is the answer to your wishes! The class begins with a brief presentation followed by demos on mannequins. Once the artist is comfortable, the day finishes off with practice on a live model.
$900 (kit purchase required if conversion training)



 Ways To Train

There are three different ways to train, with a second day option for all three:



The best of the best, we come to you and you work one-on-one with our trainer. Choose your desired training kit and get the ultimate training experience.


Have a team that wants to train? This option allows you to train multiple staff members in your salon for up to eight people. In addition, support staff (reception) may sit in on the theory portion to allow them to be informed on eyelash extensions in order to help sell the service.


Want to learn extensions and see a class near you? Choose one of the training locations we have listed in our store with your desired training kit.


State Regulations

State licensing requirements for the application of lash extensions varies state to state. It is up to you to research the requirement for your state. Our staff is happy to support you in this if you are unable to find the answers in your state. Sorry, but we currently do not offer training in the state of Wisconsin.


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