Liquifan Training Options

Liquifan Training Options

Have you ever thought about becoming an eye lash extension artist?

Ever wanted to be your own boss, create your own flexible hours and create a great income? This is an opportunity to create your own business with minimal startup costs, affordable training and a ramp up time based on your practice… it is all up to you.

Or become part of the exciting industry of beauty and become a certified lash artist and join a team at an already established salon or spa.

We have charted the huge earning potential from doing 2 to 10 full sets a week and 10 to 25 fills a week.



Application price 2 per week 5 per week 10 per week                          

2 hour service 4 hours 10 hours 20 hours

$250 = $26,000 $65,000 $130,000

$300 = $31,000 $78,000 $156,000

$350 = $36,000 $91,000 $182,200



LiquiFan Income Potential For Lash Fills – Per Week

$50.00 fill price per one hour service: $75.00 fill price per one hour service:

· 10 fills a week = $500.00 · 10 fills a week = $750.00

· 15 fills a week = $750.00 · 15 fills a week = $1,125.00

· 20 fills a week = $1,000.00 · 20 fills a week = $1,500.00

· 25 fills a week = $1,250.00 · 25 fills a week = $1,875.00

LiquiFan is a system so revolutionary that new artists will love the ease of our training process.


We have helped many new artists who had quit the industry from frustration over crude application technology and frustrating learning curve.  After switching to our system they are excited by the possibility of become part of the industry and growing a businesses.


LiquiFan Lashes prides itself on having

  • the most elite training in the industry
  • the most comprehensive training, including in-depth theory study
  • great emphasis on the hands-on portion of the curriculum.

LiquiFan excels at training and our results prove it. LiquiFan Lashes trains on the traditional eyelash extension technique and the advanced method of the LiquiFan System. Our emphasis in the hands-on portion of the class helps to provide you with the technical skills needed to succeed.


To become certified (2)You will learn design options from basic to advanced. We also have specialists on-call to answer any technical or application questions by phone after your training.

We offer three different ways to train with a second day option for all three.

  • One on one training- We come to you and you work one on one with our trainer. Choose your desired training kit
  • Training by state- Choose one of the training locations we have listed in our store and choose a training kit
  • In Salon/Spa training-This option allows you to train multiple staff members in your salon or spa from 1-8 people. In addition, support staff(reception) may sit in on the theory portion to allow them to be informed on eyelash extensions in order to help sell the service.

State Regulations

State licensing requirement for the application of lash extensions vary from state to state. It is up to you to research the requirement for your state. Our staff is happy to support you in this if you are unable to find the answers in your state.

**We currently do not offer training in the state of Wisconsin**

Register as a professional! Call us today at 1-888-749-4442 to have a one on one personal conversation with a specialized team member who will answer all your questions to determine if LiquiFan Lashes is the perfect fit for you.