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LiquiFan® Lashes

Lash Extension Adhesive Mixer

Lash Extension Adhesive Mixer

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Ensure your Adhesive is mixed correctly for a smooth and easy lash application with our Adhesive Mixer! Save your arm/hand the work and use the Adhesive Mixer.

-Adhesive is mixed in just 10 seconds

-Comes with eight different-sized silicone sleeves to fit each of your favorite adhesives

-Battery operated; not provided and required (2 ) AAA Batteries 

*Batteries not included 

-Doubles as a Makeup Brush cleaner

To use:

-Insert the connecting shaft 

-Choose the right silicone sleeve and attach

-Insert your favorite LiquiFan Lashes Adhesive into the silicone sleeve

-Press the power button, and the device will start to vibrate and mix the adhesive 

-If you need to, repeat. Otherwise, dispense adhesive and start lashing 

It's that easy! Yes, you can continue to shake your adhesive on your own but we do enough that we deserve a break at times. The Adhesive Mixer does all the work with minimal on your part. Enjoy!  


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