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CURE .5, 1 or 2 oz Instantly Bonds Lash Extensions

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The Only Patented Lash Curing System in the USA and Canada. 

CURE provides a Instant Drying of Lash Adhesive. Applied to each individual lash to ensure a strong and lasting bond. 

Simply, place your lash extension with adhesive onto the natural lash. Then dip your Swipe Wands into CURE (from your Vial). Next swipe down and up along the lash extension. Then repeat the steps onto the next lash. 

Easy, mess free. No down time for clients after appointment because all your lashes are instantly cured!


Tips to ensure best results for CURE:

Make sure to always keep the cap on and tight.

-This will avoid air getting into the bottle and

evaporating the solution.

•One to two droppers full per application into your Vial

•Only a whisper of product delivered to lash using a

Swipe Wands.

•Activates smoothing and curing process when

swiping applied extension.

•Irrigate immediately if product gets in eye.


•.5 oz= 10 applications

•1 oz = 20 applications

•2 oz = 40 applications

 One to two swipes and your lashes are instantly bonded and cured. 

*You need to purchase Swipe Wands and a Vial to use this product.