Foam CLEANSE with brush

LashCleanse Foam 5oz

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We formulated this specifically for LiquiFan Lashes to ensure our cleanser did exactly what we want it to. LashCleanse Foam is a gentle cleanser that works great to keep your clients eyelash extensions looking their very best. It not only cleanses and nourishes your clients lashes, but is a great oil free makeup remover as well. 

Includes: (1) 5oz cleanser with 1 cleansing brush 

To use:

Apply one pump of cleanser onto the base of the eyelid and lashes. Use the cleansing brush to work cleanser along the top and bottom eyelid and lashes. Then rinse with water. 

 *This makes for a great retail item for your lash clients and makes a great pairing with our eyelash extension safe eyeliner, "Line" (see store)